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Saturday, May 27, 2017

05.27.2017 USOil long term

Last analysis:

All went as expected, so far.

2-daily TF

My last count would have called for a sharp upwards movement from the low, because I awaited a C-wave up.

Well, we can not see a sharp movement so far.

All we see is fairly corrective price patterns.

So I abandoned the idea of a bigger ABC-flat (up), which would have been the B-wave of the correction since the very top.

Although I have a bit of headache with the new wave 1 blue in my new chart: On first sight at higher or highest TF it looks pretty corrective, but when one goes sub daily TF, one can count an impulsive wave.

The ongoing wave 4 blue may reach the top of the gren wave 4, which is around 62 USD.

The base channel comes in around 62-70.

Count will be invalidated around 75.

It is very hard to count the price action in the ongoing wave 4 blue. Chances are 50:50, that we will see either up or down, When first down, then maybe a more complex corrective pattern is building, and the target of around 60 is postponed for a while.

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